Call for 2018 Nominations of the Australian Ceramic Society Fellow

The title of Fellow is an award bestowed upon Australian Ceramic Society members in recognition for their outstanding contributions to their field during their professional careers. It is open to members of industry, related to ceramics and the Ceramic Society, academia, potters and government representatives and is decided upon by their peers.

To be elected as a Fellow of the Australian Ceramic Society any person who has been a member of the Society for 5 years may apply with a comprehensive curriculum vitae and names of two referees.

To be elected as a Fellow a person would be expected to have suitable qualifications in ceramics, materials science or engineering or equivalent and have at least 10 years of professional experience after graduation. Fellows would normally be expected to have published a number of well regarded articles in appropriate professional journals or occupied a senior leadership position in industry or Government service or be a highly recognised potter. The selection will be made by the Federal Council and/or a committee appointed by the Council a maximum of twice a year.

Nominations are now open and will close on 26th October 2016. Nominations should be forwarded to:

Richard Bowman

ACS Federal President