Chris Berndt Appointed Director of IRIS – Industrial Research Institute Swinburne

prof. Chris Berndt

IRIS, formally known as Industrial Research Institute Swinburne and located at Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) for some 15 years, has a long-standing and respected standing within the manufacturing sector of Australia. IRIS is a University Tier 1 Research Centre that resides within the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences. It has a staffing level of approximately 45 researchers; of whom 25 are post-graduate students, as well as professors, post-doctoral fellows, research engineers, technicians and administrative support staff.

Chris joined IRIS in December of 2007 under a university initiative that was designed to map future needs for manufacturing expertise. He brings several decades of international experience to Australia; primarily within the context of the USA. He assumed the role of Director of IRIS in early 2008.

The focus areas of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Laser Technology, Micro Technology and Robotics & Non Contact Inspection have been hallmarks of prior success for IRIS. This expertise will be brought under the umbrella of’surface science and interface engineering’ by Prof. Chris Berndt, as well as expanded and enhanced by his expertise in thermal spray technologies and biomaterials.

IRIS is currently participating in the Defence Materials Technology Centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre, the Automotive Cooperative Research Centre, CAST Cooperative Research Centre, and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication; among other large collaborative activities.

Contact: Prof. Chris Berndt, +61 (03) 9214 8706 or