Volume 45, Number 2, 2009

ISSN: 0004-881X
Bone Resorption Induced By Dental Implants with Ceramics Crowns
Daniel Lin, Qing Li, Wei Li, Pim Rungsiyakull and Michael Swain
Characterisation of Carbon Nanotube Modified Polymer-Ceramic Composites
A. N. Rider, E. S-Y. Yeo, N. Brack , B. Halstead and P. J. Pigram
Materials Design and Selection Issues in Ultra-Lean Porous Burners
C. Tierney and A.T. Harris
Diffraction Study of Thermal Dissociation in the Ternary Ti-Al-C System
W.K. Pang and I.M. Low
Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Porous MnZn ferrite from Wood Template
Sia Chee Kiong, Daimu Mutou ,Nobuyasu Adachi,Toshitaka Ota
Transient Modelling of Thermal Processing for Ceramic Prostheses
Zhongpu Zhang, Qing Li, Wei Li and Michael Swain
Synthesis and Characterization of Boron/Boron Oxide Nanorods
D.M. Zhu and E. Kisi
The Carbothermal Reduction of Zircon to Zirconia and Silicon Carbide for Ceramics and Refractories
N. Rigopoulos, A. Oh, M. Yousuff, R.G. O€Donnell and M.B. Trigg
Investigation into Nanosecond-Laser Drilling of Alumina Ceramics Using Three-Dimensional Model
C. Y. Ho, M. Y. Wen and Y.-H. Tsai
Atomic Layer Deposition of Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide Films Using Titanium Chloride and Ammonia Water as the Precursors
Hsyi-En Cheng, Meng-Rong Lee, Yu-Hung Hsieh, Ching-Ming Hsu
Small Footprint Aluminosilicate Matrix Refractory Hybrid Materials
D. Fullston and K. Sagoe-Crentsil
The Performance of Conventionally Processed Lead Indium Niobate Lead Titanate Ceramics under High Field
Peter Bryant
Microstructure and Thermal Diffusivity of Al2O3-SiO2-Based Substrate with Varied Sintering Temperatures
R. Alias, A. Ibrahim, S. M. Shapee, Z. Ambak, Z. M. Yusoff and M. R. Saad
Wastewater De-Colorization from Textile Dyes by Aluminum Silicate Meta-Ceramics
Y. Enrequez-Mendez


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