Volume 47, Number 2, 2011

ISSN: 0004-881X
Hot Corrosion and its Preventive Measures – a Review
Satjot Singh Dhillon, Jasmaninder Singh Grewal and Vikas Chawla
Oxidation Behavior of Nitrogen Rich AE-Si-O-N Glasses (AE = Ca, Sr, Ba)
Sharafat Ali, and Bo Jonson
Use of Percolation Threshold as Element of Preformulation of Orthopaedic Cements Used as Drug Delivery Systems
S. Cazalbou, S. Cavalie, F. Brouillet, A. Tourrette, F. Rodriguez
Kinetics of Phase Decomposition in Max Phases – A Comparative Diffraction Study
I.M. Low, W.K. Pang
Effect of Glass Composition on Silanol Content; A study of Green Versus Solar Glass
Sefina Ali, D. Bennett, and T. Schwa
High Velocity Oxy-fuel Sprayed Coatings – a Review
Pawandeep Singh Grewal, Vikas Chawla and Jasmaninder Singh Grewal
Development and Characterization of New Ultralow Cement Cordierite Mixes for Production Plates
A. M. Paniagua-Mercado, P. Estrada-Díaz, E. Díaz-Valdez, A. F. Méndez-Sánchez, L. Pérez-Trejo, C. Mejía García
Electrical and Structural Characteristics of Copper Oxide (I) Containing Lithium Phosphate Glasses
Consuelo Mugoni, Monia Montorsi, Cristina Siligardi, Himanshu Jain
Enhanced Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgTiO3 Ceramics Prepared by Mechanochemical Method
T. Santhosh Kumar, Ajeet Kumar, A. R. James and D. Pamu
Re-Examination of the Structure of Sr2(MgTe)O6 Double Perovskite
R. Ubic, S. Letourneau, S. Thomas, G. Subodh, and M. T. Sebastian
SPS-Sintering of NaTaO3-Fe2O3 Composites
Wilfried Wunderlich, Takao Mori, Oksana Sologub, Bernd Baufeld
First-Principles Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy
T. Hamada and T. Ohno
Low Temperature Dielectric Properties of Ca0.7Nd0.3Ti0.7Al0.3O3 Microwave Ceramics
Sudheendran K, K.C.James Raju, Mohan V Jacob
Fabrication and Electrical Evaluation of MoSi2-Si Composite Thin Films
S. Hikita, T. Hayashi, Y. Sato and S. Yoshikado
Nanoengineering X/AlOOH-Al2O3 Sols by Sequential Adsorption to Produce Xerogel Ceramic Catalytic Films for Environmental Pollution Control and Nanoparticles for BaSO4 Scale Control in Water
P.A.Sermon, M.Worsley, S.A.E.Abdulla and I.R.Collins


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