Volume 49, Number 2, 2013

ISSN: ISSN 0004-881X
Tribute to the Life and Career of Dr. June Wilson (1933-2006)
1. Interactions between Bioactive Glass and Collagen: A Review and New Perspectives.
Larry L. Hench and David Greenspan
41. Photocatalysis of Oxide Semiconductors
W. X. Li
47. Strength behaviour of alumina based refractories after thermal cycling.
Anthony Andrews, Thabang S. Mothle and Peter. A. Olubambi
52. Effect of LSGM Addition on Electrical Characteristics of 8YSZ Ceramics for Solid Electrolyte
Dani Gustaman Syarif, Syoni Soepriyanto, Ismunandar and Akhmad A. Korda
60. Adsorption of fibronectin on hydroxyapatite functionalized with alendronate.
Nancy Vargas Becerril, Lucía Tellez-Jurado and Luis M. Rodriguez-Lorenzo
68. Microwave dielectric studies of some low temperature sintered doped niobates for LTCC application.
Jyotirmayee Satapathy and M. V. Ramana Reddy.
74. DTA/TG, XRD and 27Al MAS NMR of Yttrium Aluminium Garnet, Y3Al5O12 by Sol-gel Synthesis
R. S. Azis, Diane Holland, Mark E. Smith, Andrew Howes, M. Hashim, A. Zakaria, J. Hassan, N. M. Saiden and M. K. Ikhwan
81. Preparation and Sensor Application of Carbon Coated Zinc Oxide Nanorods Array
Ren-Jei Chung, Huey-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ching Li and Ping-Hung Yeh
89. Synthesis and characterization of zirconia crystal using base hot water treatment (BHWT) method
Bambang Sunendar Purwasasmita, Lucyana Dwi Larasati, Rifki Septawendar , Ashari Budi Nugraha, Muhammad Rifqi Aufan, and Harini Sosiati
95. Bioactivity Characterization and a Full Factorial Design on the Adhesive Strength of Air Plasma Sprayed HA-TiO2 Coated Ti
Z. Zumrut, B. D. Polat, I. Akin, O. Keles and G. Goller
104. Effect of Charging Agents on Electrophoretic Deposition of Titanium Particles
Kok-Tee Lau and C.C. Sorrell
113. Combined effect of aluminium oxychloride binder and boehmite gel additive on tabular alumina based no-cement high alumina refractory castable.
T. K. Parya, M. Pratihar, B. K. Sanfui and S. Bose
122. An Alternative Synthesis Method for Di Calcium Phosphate (Monetite) Powders from Mediterranean Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) Shells
Innocent J. Macha, Lutfiye Sevgi Ozyegin, Joshua Chou, Ramazan Samur Faik Nuzhet Oktar and Besim Ben-Nissan
129. Efficient zinc incorporation in hydroxyapatite through crystallization of an amorphous phase could extend the properties of zinc apatites
K.A. Gross, L. Komarovska, and A. Viksna
136. Sol-gel combustion synthesis of CdFe2O4 ferrite by using various reducing agents
A. Sutka, G. Mezinskis, D. Jakovlevs and V. Korsaks
141. Effect of MnO2 Addition on Characteristics of Fe2TiO5 Ceramics for NTC Thermistor Utilizing Commercial and Local Iron Oxide
Wiendartun Waslaluddin and Dani Gustaman Syarif
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